Kongo’s Antonian Queen

Joseph Callow writes on a Kongolese icon who declared herself the embodiment of a Christian saint and started a movement against early European colonialism.

The first anti-vaxxers

Jo Nayler discusses the introduction of smallpox variolation to Britain in the 1700s, the switch to vaccination, and the protests staged against both.

Street names and statues: How to mark a legacy

Jaco Prinsloo considers the contested legacies of major figures of South Africa’s history, and what they tell us about the complicated politics of memory.

Squatting the City

Danny Magill looks back on the rise and fall of London’s squatting movement in the 1970s, and what it tells us about the power of collective action in the face of housing crisis today.

Remembering Middlesbrough’s race riots

George Walker looks back on the four nights of racial violence that took place in Middlesbrough in 1961, and asks how that history can help us challenge rising tensions today.

The highs and lows of the Beveridge Report

Chris Thomas looks at the shortcomings of the 1948 Beveridge Report, and explains what they tells us about the future of the welfare state.

Colonial hunger

Joseph Manock explains the intentional, structural causes behind a type of tragedy often believed unavoidable.

Feminism under Mao

Tevy Kuch considers the relationship between Maoism and women’s liberation in China.

Searching for LGB women in Soho

Bex Dudley explores Soho as a space for the formation and demonstration of relationships between women.

Learning history from below

Jack Mason writes on the importance of everyday perspectives for a meaningful historical tradition.

Undocumented and Irish in the 80s

J. Stoltzfus compares the visa lotteries that supported Irish-Americans in the 1980s with the situation of undocumented migrants today.

Relearning Black Power

Owen Frost reframes the Black Power movement we’re mistaught in school.

The economics of a white empire

Zeena Starbuck explains how the policies meant to hold the British Empire together are reappearing in the conversations around Brexit.