• Pieces on little-known events and stories from history with a relevance to modern politics.
  • Profiles on historical activists, campaigners, organisations, and people who have broken down barriers.
  • Pieces on the political histories and origins of, or roles played by, things: objects, films, songs, genres, fashion trends, buildings, artworks, jobs, institutions, medicines, practices, etc.
  • Pieces on the evolution of problems, debates, and beliefs.
  • Pieces on the way history is taught and applied, or mistaught and misapplied, in the present.

This isn’t an exhaustive list. If you think your idea is relevant, it probably is, and we want to hear it. Pieces can be about any time from prehistory to last year, and anywhere in the world. 

You don’t have to be an expert. Our target audience is normal people, with an average knowledge of history.

We’re open to photo essays, but we’re not looking for poetry or fiction.

Anyone can pitch, but we’re especially keen to hear from those underrepresented in the mainstream history narrative – in particular LGBT+ people, People of Colour, people with disabilities, people from minority religions, and people from working-class backgrounds.


Send an outline of your idea in a maximum of 200 words to with ‘Pitch: [topic]’ in the subject line. If the subject relates to an upcoming birthday or anniversary, let us know.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Commissioned pieces can be anywhere from 800-1400 words and should be written in accessible language and informal style.

Include links to your sources in the body of the piece, especially where you’re talking about statistics or media coverage. We’re not a journal, so the sources don’t need to be academic – just reliable.

Also include the names of three books, articles, documentaries, podcasts or other resources that you’d recommend for further learning on the topic at the end, as well as a line about yourself and your work, with links to any website or social media handles you’d like us to include. 

do you pay contributors?

Thanks to some generous support, we’re now able to pay a small honorarium for stories. Our average rate is £50, which we think should cover the worst of the cost of writing while allowing us to keep the site going for the foreseeable future. Rates can vary if stories are very research-heavy or involve considerable interview time; all editorial work is unpaid.

Thoughts or questions? Contact us at